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A question for you...

Have you ever wished your mind were more like a computer and you could just…Ctrl Alt Delete your annoying stuck cycle?

I'm ready to Ctrl Alt Dlt!

Those obsessive thoughts that keep ruminating. You just can’t get them to “shut down”!

Your mind spins out of control most of your waking hours, and you wonder how much more productive would I be if I could just get this thing to stay focused?!!

It turns out, your mind is a lot like a computer. And chances are, it’s ready for a reboot.


  • Gain an understanding of why you do what you do.

  • Be in the driver seat to make decisions for your life that are choices, rather than happenstance.

  • Understand how the mind works, and why you just can’t seem to get past that one thing you feel is holding you back.

  • Get the ability to easily start making improvements in the way you think and talk to yourself to feel empowered, rather than disempowered.

  • Free yourself from the emotional rollercoaster of life, and learn to let go of emotional patterns that keep you in a low vibration.

The two parts of our minds are often pulling us in different directions.

Consciously we want to reach a goal, feel more fulfilled, step into a greater version of ourselves…

But in our subconscious mind, old programs are still running without us even being aware of them.

  • More hustle can’t fix it.

  • Pushing yourself can’t fix it.

  • Moving to a new place or finding a new relationship can’t fix it.

  • The only thing that will provide that REBOOT, is “updating” the programs you are running on daily.

    You see, we operate on a set of programs that we learned early on in childhood from ages 1-7...

    and unless we have ever paused to identify, or try and understand what these programs are, chances are every day your life is running on autopilot, rather than you being in control.

     The good news?! 

    We too can hit the reboot button, we don’t have to live this way just because this is how it has always been. 

    If that sounds intimidating, don’t worry.

    Hey you, I'm Bri! Your Conscious Transformation Specialist...

    So grateful to have you here! I'm the intuitive and creative visionary behind a revolutionary style of meditation. I developed this integrative methodology to align the potential of the mind with nature’s abundant healing properties. 

    I've authored courses focusing on conscious transformations after becoming certified in meditation and realizing many do not teach a simple step-by-step process.

    I'm certified in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, The Science of Wellbeing by Yale University, Achieve University Educator, and have course training in reprogramming the subconscious mind, neuroscience and neuroplasticity, mental fitness, and present moment living. I also hold a dual degree in business management and marketing. : )

    Utilizing the tools and techniques I teach in my masterclasses and courses, I have personally overcome burnout, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, suicidal depression, conflict resolution, deep-seated insecurities from childhood, and managed daily overwhelm as a two-time CEO.

    And now I would love to support you in your journey. Are you read to join this empowering online course, Ctrl Alt Delete?

    You Had Me At Hey!

    This is a unique program that guides you deep into those computer systems of your mind that are keeping you in repeating patterns, living a life you want to change. 

    It will empower you to rewrite the code at the source.

    Over a series of easy-to-digest modules you’ll learn not only how the subconscious mind operates, but how to reprogram it.

    With five practical techniques, you’ll be able to bring your subconscious and conscious mind into alignment, unlocking your full potential.

    When they work together you become unstoppable.

    This creates FREEDOM in your life, to live life on your terms, daily.


    Ready to blast through your limitations and create the life you truly desire? It’s all waiting for you…

    What’s Included in the Ctrl Alt Delete Course with Briana Bragg?

    This is a self-paced online course. Learn and empower yourself on your schedule with the following:

    • 4 hours of curated content ($800 value)

    • 15 teaching videos ($1500 value)

    • 8+ unique exercises ($400 value)

    • Links to research studies and creative resources ($97 value)

    • Continuing education credits: CEC’s available ($297 value)

    • BONUSES: A curated Spotify Playlist to accompany the course & Meditation Guide Book ($94 value)

     A TOTAL VALUE OF $3188


    Purchase Now

    Are you ready to blast through your limitations and create the life you truly desire? 

    I'm So Ready!

     Frequently asked questions... 

    Is it really possible to rewire your brain?

    YES! Not only is it possible, it’s one of the most freeing and rewarding gifts you can give yourself. When you start learning that most of your current life today is built on a set of programs that are outdated, that you don’t even actually believe - you will become inspired to shift the old programs into new ones that make you feel more authentically you.

    How long does it take to change your thinking patterns?

    Each one of us are very different, and thus our path of inner healing and personal growth is one of an individual journey. However, if you truly put the techniques into practice daily - you can begin observing change in yourself and the programs you operate from within a two to three weeks. Remember it’s not a race and we are constantly evolving. So enjoy the journey of self exploration, have fun and have patience with yourself along the way.

    Will this program help with my mental health?

    YES! I have used many of the techniques outlined in the program to overcome a two-year battle with suicidal depression. I also used many of the “suggested” techniques later found in this course. Reprogramming the subconscious mind not only improves our daily life, it also improves our mental health by learning how to manage recurring thoughts, quiet the noise and take control of patterns that keep showing up that limit our potential.

    What is your refund policy for the course?

    We do not offer refunds on our courses. Once the course is purchased, all of the content is provided in real-time to the student, so therefore we do not offer refunds.

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