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Cultivate A Garden Within Your Mind

Bring the calming beauty of nature within and tap into it whenever you want with the Journey Into Tranquility Meditation Course & Certification.

Journey into Tranquility provides knowledge in a three-step process: Breathe, Refocus, and Journey. Each step provides scientifically backed systems on:

  • Calming the central nervous system through breathing techniques

  • Refocusing techniques to calm the mind

  • Dropping into stillness through a structured, guided inner journey

  • Ready to transform your life?

    If you’ve been intimidated by meditation or don’t know which to choose, this meditation certification course is the perfect choice because it is powerful, organized, and unique…while being good for both people new to meditation and pros. 

    This one-of-a-kind course walks you through a proven 3-step process for a guided meditation experience that brings the calm and joy of nature into your body.

    Fuse the healing power of nature, meditation, and visualization to cultivate a mind that flows with the rhythms of nature to enjoy:

    Empowered Awareness

    Better Sleep

    Increased Energy

    Ability To Be Present

    This Course Is Right For You If:

  • You're curious about meditation, but don't know where to start

  • You've been meditating for years, but the your results haven't been as transformative as you hoped

  • You want to add a proven, easy-for-beginners meditation class to what you offer in your business

  • You want to experience real calm and peace- perhaps for the first time in your life

  • You want to connect with nature on a deeper level, even when you aren't in nature

  • "As a holistic health consultant that focuses on mental wellness for new mama's, I was so excited to meet Briana and learn about her Journey Into Tranquility certification. I had never thought about getting certified to teach meditation, but I'm so grateful I did as now I have another valuable tool in my mental wellness toolbox to support mama's. I love the unique approach to meditation the course teaches which sets me apart from others. I highly recommend taking JIT to anyone who wants to add meditation to their business, or even learn more about meditation for themselves."


    Meet your instructor

    Briana Bragg is the intuitive and creative visionary behind this revolutionary style of meditation. She developed this integrative methodology to align the potential of the mind with nature’s abundant healing properties. 

    Briana authored this course after becoming certified in meditation after realizing many courses do not teach a step-by-step process for becoming a meditation teacher - with simple techniques like how to guide someone into stillness, techniques for refocusing the mind, and how to bring someone out of a meditative state. 

    She is certified in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, The Science of Wellbeing by Yale University, Achieve University Educator, and course training in reprogramming the subconscious mind, neuroscience and neuroplasticity, mental fitness, and present moment living. She also holds a dual degree in business management and marketing. 

    Utilizing the tools and techniques taught in this course and her other programs, Briana has personally overcome burnout, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, suicidal depression, conflict resolution, deep-seated insecurities from childhood, and managing daily overwhelm as a two-time CEO; utilizing the tools and techniques taught in this course and her other programs.

    I Want To Join You Bri!

    Here's what I know about meditation:

    It doesn't need to be complicated

    It definitely doesn't need to be hard

    You can build a practice that changes your life

    How do I know? Meditation changed my life...

    When I was a young girl I would use my imagination to escape reality as many children do. I also sought solace outdoors and embraced the synchronicity and flow of nature...

    From gardening with my much-loved Grandfather to observing the wonder of carefully collected and released caterpillars to butterflies, the beauty, simplicity, and wonder of nature were ever-present and healing during the tumultuous times in my early years.

    When I would feel tension, disharmony, or stress, I would envision being on a beautiful island with turquoise water surrounding all sides, sunny beaches, and waterfalls. Taking myself to this island in my mind provided me with inner peace and calm from the storms around me...

    Whenever I needed to feel better, I’d escape to my island. Here I felt in tune with myself and with nature. I felt connected to the beauty of life.

    My experience has taught me that when we connect with nature and integrate the flow of nature’s rhythm into our personal lives, and into each moment, we are capable of finding lasting stillness and harmony with life and all that is. 

    This integration of nature’s rhythm into our daily lives is the vehicle for experiencing the true essence of oneself.

    We begin to uncover who we really are beneath the insecurities and uncertainties. Our true self is grounded in connection with nature and open to life’s wonderful and infinite possibilities.

    "The Journey Into Tranquility program created small shifts in my life that added up to huge life-long changes for the better. I use the content of this certification program during my own personal meditation time, with clients in my reiki practice, and with my middle school students every day in the classroom. Being able to confidently help others in this way has been such a game-changer."

    -Karen S.

    Nature-based meditation is the perfect evolution of a meditation practice.

    Nature teaches us that we can ride the current of the ebbs and flows of life.

    Nature awes us with its beauty and grand scale. 

    Imagine lying in a grassy field, looking up at the blue sky, the wispy white clouds, and the branches of a tall tree along the edge of your vision.


    Is there anyone who can experience such a scene and not be transported to a calmness deep within? Right, it's impossible not to be.


    Yes! I Want This

    What’s Included in the Journey Into Tranquility Meditation Course with Briana Bragg?

    This is a self-paced online course. Learn and empower yourself on your schedule with the following:

    • 8 hours of curated content ($1600 value)

    • 19 teaching videos ($1900 value)

    • Over 12 unique exercises ($600 value)

    • Links to research studies and creative resources ($750 value)

    • Continuing education credits: CEC’s available ($297 value)

    • Example meditations with MP3 recordings ($225 value)

     A TOTAL VALUE OF $5372


    Are you ready to achieve your next level meditation goals, and amaze yourself at what’s possible for you?

    I'm So Ready!

    The Journey Into Tranquility Course has allowed me to not only move forward with my own personal practice, but also in my professional practice. I now have the confidence and ability to work with my clients who have struggled with their abilities to calm and relax their minds. My professional life and ability to support my clients has transformed into exactly what I have always hoped it would be. This course was that piece of the puzzle that was missing and it is wonderful to now have the complete picture in front of me. 


    Journey Into Tranquility Modules:

    Here's What You'll Get Instant Access To Inside

    Let your journey begin...

    MODULE 1

    Where meditation came from and why meditation works—the history, types, and science behind meditation

    MODULE 2

    Have you been breathing wrong your whole life? The basics of breathing.

    MODULE 3

    Breathing techniques and how to use them for profound changes

    MODULE 4

    Ways to refocus the mind (even if you have ADHD or anxiety)

    MODULE 5

    Foundations of the Journey Into Tranquility meditation technique

    MODULE 6

    Three Journeys: Examples to observe

    MODULE 7

    Building meditation programs from the ground up

    Join me for the journey of your life!

    Not only will you learn to build a personalized and unique meditation practice for yourself, but this course also comes with certification so you can teach others to do so as well. 

    It’s the perfect addition to any mindfulness-based business such as life coaches, yoga teachers, and other wellness professions. 

    Begin Your Journey Here

    Frequently asked questions...

    Will meditation help me sleep?

    Yes, many recent studies show that meditation helps people fall asleep faster and obtain improved sleep by resting more deeply.

    Will meditation help my anxiety?

    Yes. Studies show that a consistent practice of meditation reduces anxiety more effectively than many anxiety medications. Many doctors are also now advising their patients to combine treatment with deep breathing and meditative practices.

    Are meditation and mindfulness the same thing?

    No. Mindfulness is defined as a conscious state of being of pure awareness in the present moment of reflection, clarity and intention. Meditation is a mental exercise that trains the brain to think, process and react differently.

    How to become a meditation teacher?

    This is a Level 1 Meditation Teacher Training Course, which provides the basics to be able to teach mediation in a private one-to-one or group setting.

    How does meditation help mental health?

    A consistent practice of meditation rewires the brain and central nervous system, enabling us to be less reactive and more responsive to life. Consistently practicing meditation has also been shown to increase happiness, improve immune function, calm stress and feelings of overwhelm, relax the central nervous system, and bring a sense of calm to life. Studies show that meditation is a wonderful tool for depression and anxiety - this is because it alters the structure of the brain that causes depression and anxiety in the first place.

    How does meditation work?

    There are many different styles of meditation and choosing one that is best for you can help when you are a beginner in meditation. One misconception about meditation is that it is only about silencing the mind- this is so far from what meditation is. It can be about quieting thoughts, and it can also be about learning how to observe them, or it can be about learning to sit with thoughts and emotions. I like to think of meditation as a reboot for our system - bringing everything to stillness to reconnect the mind and body so it runs more optimally with less stress and more clarity.

    What is your refund policy for the course?

    We do not offer refunds on our courses. Once the course is purchased, all of the content is provided in real-time to the student, so therefore we do not offer refunds.

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