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one after another...so fast you don't even feel like you're living anymore?

  • Your brain is racing on overdrive all the time

  • You're losing sleep obsessing over everything you have to get done

  • And you can never find the time for it all

  • I used to be the same!

    I was wishing I had more time to do what I love- spending time with loved ones, enjoying conversations (without thinking about to-do lists), going to the spa or the park, even taking a nap!

    So what changed?


    Introducing the Present Moment Living *Masterclass*

    Create more time to do what you love in an easy, non-invasive, don't-change-your-entire-routine and fun way!

    I Need This!

    I constantly found myself living in the future or stuck in the past. 

    When someone was talking to me, I really had no clue what they were saying because my mind was racing with other thoughts. I lived my life in a constant fire drill, going from one reaction to another.

    To be honest my life felt like it was spinning out of control and there was nothing I could do. I wasn’t enjoying my time; I wasn’t happy with the chaos, and I wanted a different life.

    So, I made a choice. I chose to live a different life.


    No, I didn’t trade lives with my favorite celebrity...

    I simply chose to say no to the spiraling, and start living life on my terms.

    The Answer?

    Being In The Present Moment.

    Being present is spoken about a lot, but what does it really mean? And how do you do it?

    Being in the present moment takes practice and the knowledge of how to do it. Once you master it, being in the present moment is one of the most powerful things you can do to bring space and breathing room into your life. 

    If you are ready to learn how to master this skill, to stop the chaos in your life, and the spiraling thoughts that keep you in fear about your future, join me for this special masterclass on Present Living!

    A Few Things Powerful Tools & Techniques You Will Take Away With This Masterclass:

    A foundational tool guaranteed to bring you into the present moment to center & ground with ease

    How mind chatter keeps you stuck in fear, worry & doubt and how to change it instantly with this technique

    Living in the present moment is a mental game. But no matter what is going on around you, this tool will help.

    Meet Your Conscious Transformational Specialist:

    Briana Bragg

    Briana Bragg is the intuitive and creative visionary behind a revolutionary process for healing. As a conscious transformational specialist, she has developed an integrative methodology to align the potential of the mind with nature’s abundant healing properties.

    No stranger to the power of change, she boldly and decisively stepped away from decades-old inner turmoil, limiting beliefs and subconscious patterns, along with self-doubt toward a personal awakening grounded in peace and light. Today, she likens her metamorphosis to that of a caterpillar in a chrysalis turned effortlessly into an agile butterfly. And now she shares her journey and tools with you.

    Yes Briana- Let's Do This!

    Here's Why You Will Love Learning Briana's Secret Tools. You will:

  • Have more time back in your day

  • Be more present with your loved ones, partner, kids, friends and actually ENJOY your time with them

  • Get restful sleep instead of lying awake wishing for it

  • Gain clarity for your life and purpose

  • Improve your memory function, focus and creativity

  • Be able to handle life's challenges and flow through those WTF moments with ease

  • Be calmer in your daily life

  • Ready to get this empowering masterclass now?

    Yes! You Had Me At Hello!

    Love For Briana's Work:

    Just what I needed

    "Briana's work was exactly what I needed to enhance my wellness practice & my own mindfulness- as an entrepreneur we all need help with that!"

    Sense of calmness

    "My meditation sessions with Briana are incredibly effective and have left me with a sense of calmness and feeling of inner peace."

    I've learned so much

    "Briana is a skilled leader and her teachings feel very comfortable and personal. I've learned so much from her masterclasses- I highly recommend them."

    I feel like myself

    "Before I was introduced to Briana's work, I was a mess. Overwhelmed, never present and stressed all the time. With her guidance, I feel like myself for the first time in a long time."

    Here's What You Get When You Invest In The Present Moment Living Masterclass

    • Recorded Online Training: Tools for Present Moment Living (valued at $297)

    • A Curated Spotify Playlist To Practice Present Moment Living (valued at $47)

    • '50+ Ways To Practice Conscious Breathing' PDF Guide (valued at $47)

    • Briana's VIP List: Get the Details About Upcoming Goodness Before Anyone Else! (again, priceless!)


    Change your life for the investment of a few fancy lattes!

    Are you READY?

    Want to see how life truly can be lived with more presence?

    Ready to break free from the prison of your mind?

    To live life every day so fulfilled your smile is contagious?!

    Let's do this together!

    Live Life Now!

    Let me show you how I live in FLOW every day, manifest my dreams and create my reality over and over again.

    It's not as hard as your mind is telling you it is.

    Press pause on the worry, fear and doubt- if not NOW, when?!

    Available for a Limited Time Only, Just $33

    Send It To Me Briana!

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