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Do you often find yourself lost in your thoughts?

You lay in bed at night with racing thoughts, trying desperately to go to sleep and can’t?

Your mind spirals out of control daily with guilt over what you haven’t done, obsessing over what you need to do?

I used to lose countless hours of sleep and productivity time because of my spiraling mind.

I’d gotten into the spiral, and couldn't get out.

Then 6pm would come and I hadn’t accomplished anything... or very little.

Then at night I’d lay and obsess over all the things I needed to do...


Ok truth serum...

Only sometimes does my mind control me now, but not every day.

Introducing the Shift Your Spiraling Mind  *Masterclass*

Yep, it is possible to take control of your thoughts and stop the spiral!

I Need This!

Truth is… I used to waste a lot of time in the spiral. 

Countless hours of productivity down the drain.

Many nights laying awake ‘til 4am obsessing.

I thought this would never end. 

That my mind was just programmed to be this way and I’d spend the rest of my life with a mind spiraling out of control.

So I decided to study the way the mind works. The way the brain is wired.

When I began studying the science of neuroplasticity...

I began to realize there is hope for a spiraling mind.

Neuroplasticity shows that we can actually rewire the pathways of the brain to think differently.

HOLY MOLY!! Music to my ears (or should I say thoughts)!!

So I began learning how to rewire my brain, to stop the never ending spiral.

No I didn’t go on a silent retreat and shut it all down for weeks...

I began learning about simple mental exercises that with some consistency and practice taught my brain how to stop the spiral and shift into a different state.

The Answer?

Shifting your Mindset through mental exercises.

Yep, it is possible to take control of your thoughts and stop the spiral.

Hell, if I can do it... so can you!

But I need to be honest...

It takes commitment to yourself. It requires some work - I prefer to look at it as an investment in myself. 

Are you ready and willing to put yourself back in the driver seat - to influence your mind rather than let it drive you into oblivio?

If you’re immediate response is "FUCK YES!!"...

Then grab this masterclass.

If it’s not, then I suggest you wait until you’re ready because otherwise you won’t commit to yourself to do the work of rewiring your brain and thinking differently.

No judgments. Neither is good or bad, it’s just where you’re at.

However, if you are a FULL BODY YES, then I’m ready to show you five brain hacks that will set you FREE from the prison of your mind. 

Let’s Do This!!!

A Few Things Powerful Things That Will Happen When You Shift Your Spiraling Mind:

Retrain your brain to think and process differently

Be more productive throughout your day

Fall asleep faster and easier

Meet Your Conscious Transformational Specialist:

Briana Bragg

Briana Bragg is the intuitive and creative visionary behind a revolutionary process for healing. As a conscious transformational specialist, she has developed an integrative methodology to align the potential of the mind with nature’s abundant healing properties.

No stranger to the power of change, she boldly and decisively stepped away from decades-old inner turmoil, limiting beliefs and subconscious patterns, along with self-doubt toward a personal awakening grounded in peace and light. Today, she likens her metamorphosis to that of a caterpillar in a chrysalis turned effortlessly into an agile butterfly. And now she shares her journey and tools with you.

Yes Briana- Let's Do This!

Here's Why You Will Love Learning Briana's Secret Tools. You will:

  • Be more productive throughout your day

  • Fall asleep faster and easier

  • Retrain your brain to think and process differently

  • Gain simple, effective mental exercises that are easy to implement in moments of spiral

  • Manage your mind, instead of it managing you

  • Complete the class with immediate ways to stop the spiraling thoughts (if you actually practice them)

  • Ready to get this empowering masterclass now?

    Yes! You Had Me At Hello!

    Love For Briana's Work:

    Just what I needed

    "Briana's work was exactly what I needed to enhance my wellness practice & my own mindfulness- as an entrepreneur we all need help with that!"

    Sense of calmness

    "My meditation sessions with Briana are incredibly effective and have left me with a sense of calmness and feeling of inner peace."

    I've learned so much

    "Briana is a skilled leader and her teachings feel very comfortable and personal. I've learned so much from her masterclasses- I highly recommend them."

    I feel like myself

    "Before I was introduced to Briana's work, I was a mess. Overwhelmed, never present and stressed all the time. With her guidance, I feel like myself for the first time in a long time."

    Here's What You Get When You Invest In The Shift Your Spiraling Mind Masterclass

    • Recorded Online Training: Five Tools for Shifting A Spiraling Mind (valued at $297)

    • '50+ Ways To Practice Conscious Breathing' PDF Guide (valued at $47)

    • A Curated Spotify Playlist Support Shifting Your Spiraling Mind (valued at $47)

    • Briana's VIP List: Get the Details About Upcoming Goodness Before Anyone Else Plus Amazing Content and Tools! (priceless!)


    Transform your life for the investment of a few fancy lattes!

    Are you READY?

    Want to see how life truly can be lived with a calm mind?

    Ready to break free from the prison of "the spiral"?

    To live life every day so fulfilled your smile is contagious?!

    Let's do this together!

    Live Life Now!

    Let me show you how I live in FLOW every day, manifest my dreams and create my reality over and over again.

    It's not as hard as your mind is telling you it is.

    Press pause on the worry, fear and doubt- if not NOW, when?!

    Special Price Just For Today is ONLY $33

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